Tips for sessions

Tips for senior girls:

  • Include in your wardrobe a variety of different types of outfits. You need long-sleeves, a jacket, sweaters, short sleeves, tank tops, jeans, shorts, casual and formal. Variety is the spice of life!   It’s best to bring too much than not enough.
  • Select outfits you feel flatter you best or that you are very comfortable in. Pick outfits in your favorite colors or something that will enhance your eye color. Bring lots of jewelry to go with outfits. Also hats and sunglasses are fun too.
  • Have a variety of shoes…something casual (sneakers), something formal (dress shoes), and your favorite pair. Please bring a pair of comfy slip on (flip flops are great) to wear between shoots.
  • Let mom or dad select a couple of your outfits! They don’t need to have a say in everything, but they should definitely get to see you in something that they really like.
  • Makeup is a must. It will even out your skin tone, blotchy skin or blemishes. Use matte eye shadow and powder, apply some mascara, and don’t forget lipstick
  • Don’t change your hairstyle right before your session. Give yourself at least 1-2 weeks to get used to the change and find how you like it best styled. And don’t change your hairstyle right after your session either. You may not like your pictures as much.
  • Please be sure to bring the correct undergarments for your outfits. Strapless bras are a very helpful piece, as we will not see bra straps with any sleeveless tops. Remember to consider color as well.
  • Take care of your nails (fingers & toes)! Remove all nail polish or reapply as needed. Your nails will be prominent in some pictures.

Tips for senior boys:

  • Bring a variety of shirts and pants. Polos, long-sleeve button downs, sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, the favorite shirt that drives mom crazy, as well as jeans, khakis, and slacks. Also any sports jerseys that you may want to wear.
  • If you’re bring a tie, either be really good at tying it, or bring it already tied. There’s nothing worse than using your session time fighting with a tie.
  • Remember to shave. Stubble or facial hair is fine for some of the shots, but you or mom & dad might want you clean shaven for other images. I can accommodate both options, with some warning, so you can shave mid-way through your session.
  • If your hair needs trimming, have it done a minimum of 5-7 days prior to your session. Do not do it the day before.
  • If you have any blemishes before your session, don’t worry about them! We will retouch everything before a single image is printed!

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