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I spent the afternoon with the lovely and so pretty Ally and her mom. Ally wants to go into law, so we thought the perfect place to start would be the library at the State Capitol. I honestly don’t know how I became to lucky to have the best seniors ever…but I will take it! […]

What a perfect day for senior pictures, especially for July! Brycen wants to go into law enforcement so since we were by the Des Moines police department we decided to take a couple of pictures there. Its a good feeling as a photographer when I have a hard time deciding on which pictures to choose […]

I don’t think I’ve ever had a senior that eyes exactly match the green door, so cool and with no editing to enhance them!

Avery was a guy of few words, but I think he enjoyed himself! I don’t think he realizes how cute he is, very humble! It was so humid, but no complaints from him! We were watching the weather all day wondering if we would be able to get his pictures in. Its hard to believe […]

After a rain delay we finally got some senior pictures in and also a few family ones too! This whole family made me laugh, they were all so fun to work with and made it so easy for me to do my job!

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for family pictures this late in November, record high of 70! We agreed to meet for pictures at 3:00 and at 2:15 I still wasn’t sure where I was meeting the Christians. If any of you know Gina you know she can be just a “tad” indecisive! […]

Another senior boy in the books, and he ¬†admitted out loud to me that his session wasn’t too bad. I love when that happens, it really makes me happy that I can get my senior boys comfortable. Another plus from this session is that Dez is so photogenic I don’t think I have one bad […]

Kacyn came to his session with lots of ideas, it made my job very fun! I love doing different things. We had a great time, it was by far the coldest day yet for senior pictures, but we made it. 

Luke was another guy that I don’t think was too excited about getting his pictures taken. Although once I suggested we take a picture with all of his shoes I broke the ice and he was a different guy, he loves his shoes and has quite the collection! At the end of our session he […]

I love it when I have a senior boy and he is so willing to do what ever his mom wants (and me too). Jared just went with the flow, and another added bonus for me, we ended our session with his dog and what a cutie.