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Emily, Emily, Emily! Thank you so much for putting up with my forgetfulness! We had a perfect day for senior pictures. You are absolutely beautiful inside and out! Also, a big thanks for all of your assistants, and Jack was such a good dog:)

Usually when you book pictures in September you are hoping for a somewhat cool day, not 95! Everyone handled it very well and dad just did whatever the women in his life wanted! On a side note, they are a foster family for kitties, for Furry Friends. So if anyone needs a new little fur […]

We had a perfect day for pictures for Brooke. Brooke is as sweet as she is beautiful! I had so much fun with Brooke and her Grandma and Aunt. I have so many gorgeous pictures of Brooke that I’m just dying to work on! 

Madison came to her session with lots of ideas and we had lots of fun with all of them. Although, we will both probably be finding glitter for a while yet! Her mom and sister were wonderful assistants! Madison, I absolutely had a blast with you! You definitely made my job easy last night (and […]

Gavin is one cool guy! Gavin pretended he didn’t want his pictures taken, but secretly I think he loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Gavin and his mom taking his pictures!

Yes, I was very excited to take Bailey’s pictures with her horse Trinket, both very beautiful! It was not a easy task picking out just these few for a sneak peek, I loved them all! When I told Bailey she might think I’m weird but I love the smell of horses, she said its not […]

When Allycia’s mom asked if they could bring their dog, Zoe I knew I was going to love everything about the session. I love having pets in pictures. It was an absolutely beautiful evening for pictures. Allycia you are a natural beauty! We had a great time. Just on a side note… I want every […]

I love when I do senior pictures and get to do something new! Jessica wanted a few pictures at the Fleur Cinema. She loves the behind the scenes of theater. I have a feeling she will be very successful in the film industry! We got a little wet with some showers, but thankfully it didn’t […]

We snuck in a few family pictures after Connor’s senior pictures.  I absolutely loved spending time with this family we had so much fun.  I almost jokingly said to Ryan that we could also do engagement pictures for him and his girlfriend Erika.  Well come to find out he had wanted to propose to her […]

I had a great time with Connor and his family. Connor was one of the nicest guys I have taken senior pictures of. I don’t think he realizes how good looking he is and so photogenic!