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Kacyn came to his session with lots of ideas, it made my job very fun! I love doing different things. We had a great time, it was by far the coldest day yet for senior pictures, but we made it. 

Luke was another guy that I don’t think was too excited about getting his pictures taken. Although once I suggested we take a picture with all of his shoes I broke the ice and he was a different guy, he loves his shoes and has quite the collection! At the end of our session he […]

I love it when I have a senior boy and he is so willing to do what ever his mom wants (and me too). Jared just went with the flow, and another added bonus for me, we ended our session with his dog and what a cutie.

I was so excited to take these family pictures. I usually don’t get nervous, but I did today. Maybe its because I work with Jessica and if I goofed up I would have to face her everyday at work ( I think I can face her tomorrow!) We had a gorgeous day for pictures and […]

We had a beautiful fall morning for senior pictures. I had a wonderful time with Maura and her mom and I love that they suggested a gorgeous park I had never been to! New location for me! We ended our session at their house for a few photos with their 2 dogs, Sunny and Luna. […]

You don’t expect it to be 80 degrees on a October day for senior pictures! I had a great time with Paige and her mom and sister (I love it when I have an extra assistant along.) I have come to the conclusion I don’t have enough hours in the day. I just had to […]

It rained all day, I was so worried we were not going go be able to get Dylan’s pictures in. We only delayed our start time 30 minutes. By the time we got done doing a few football pics and moved over to the baseball field it had totally cleared. It turned out to be […]

It was a gorgeous day for senior pictures. Sophia you are so beautiful and it was such a pleasure working with you! Enjoy your pictures.

I think Grace was the lucky winner of the last hot day of the season! Oh to be young again! Grace tried on the green jumper just before she came for the photo session (not very many can do that). She looked gorgeous, it was one of my favorite outfits.

It was a hot hot day in September for senior pictures! It didn’t matter where we went Trevor looked good at every location! When I asked him to kiss his mom, he didn’t hesitate one bit, although I think he did blush a little! Speaking of his mom, we started a bunco group 20 years […]